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Our corporation handles local moves, intrastate moves, interstate moves up to 400 miles and commercial or office moves.

LOCAL MOVES are moves that are within a 40 mile radius of your current location.  These moves are based on an hourly rate. The hourly rate is determined by the amount of employees needed for your move and how long the move will last. There will also be travel charge assessed to your move. This travel charge is determined by the distance between origin and destination along with how many employees are on the crew.

INTRASTATE MOVES are moves of 41 miles or more, from origin to destination, WITHIN the state of Pennsylvania. The rates are determined by the weight and mileage of your shipment. This rate is also known as the “line haul” rate.  Additional services may be needed. The most common added charges are long carries over 75 ft., stair or elevator charges, packing /unpacking charges. Those service rates would then be added to the “line haul rate” to determine the final cost. To determine the weight of a shipment, the truck is weighed at a certified scale before your belongings are loaded.  After completion of loading the truck, the truck will then be reweighed. All shipments of this classification will have a household goods inventory performed.

For all household moves within the state of Pennsylvania, the carrier (moving company) must have a tariff filed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC).

INTERSTATE MOVES are moves crossing state lines. For our company the same rules apply for long distance moves as they do for intrastate moves. However they are justified by different published tariffs. Our tariff for interstate moves is overseen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or “FMCSA”. These rates are determined by weight and mileage. This rate is also known as the “line haul rate”.  There may be additional charges added to the “line haul rate”. The most common added charges in our published tariff are for long carries over 75 feet, stair or elevator charges, and packing/unpacking charges. These shipments must also have a household goods inventory performed.

OFFICE or COMMERCIAL MOVES are moves for business or industry. These moves are performed on an hourly basis. The costs are determined by the amount of employees, vehicles and travel charges.

All of the above moves are subject to a fuel surcharge that varies per month.

PACKING SERVICES: Adam Meyer INC. also provides the “total” packing service. You can just kick back while our professionals handle all of your packing needs.   If you do not want the “Total” packing service, we can custom pack anything that you feel you are not comfortable packing.

PACKING MATERIALS: If you want to do your own packing, we have everything that you need to complete the task. You may stop by our facility to pick them up or have them delivered to your location. 

We walk on our own Red Rug Runners to provide you with maximum floor protection.

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